Graphic DesignerWeb Developer


*Currently taking a daily dose
of typography and design expertise from Paul Carlos & Urshula Barbour


The City College of New York. 2007. — BA Electronic Design & Multimedia.
2005, 2006, 2007 Dean´s List.
2002 CCNY´s Honors Engineering Leadership Program.
2005 CCNY´s “The Ben Wallack Memorial Award for Men of the Class of 1913”.


Fluent in Spanish. (Sí, ¡Español!)
Trying to learn French
*emphasize trying


HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery, Javascript.
*Currently learning Angular JS
and Polymer!

My other Passion

Soccer Player

CCNY Hall of Fame.
2006 South Africa CUNY Goodwill Tour
2005 CUNY Player of the Year, ECAC Merit Award. All-Region Adidas Award.
2003, 2004 First team All-Star.