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FC Harlem Lions

FC Harlem Lions Official Website

A Harlem-based, community youth development organization making a positive impact on the lives of young people through soccer since 1990.
FC Harlem Lions Official Website


Petits Sauvages


A children's home décor and accessories line. Created by artists Astrid de Saint Anthost and Kimberly.

Audiology of Nassau

Audiology of Nassau

Audiology of Nassau County PLLC

Serving the hearing impaired for more
than 30 years

Nadav Lev

Nadav Lev, Guitarist and Composer

Nadav Lev, Guitarist and Composer

Nadav Lev has been performing throughout the US, Israel and Europe, in venues such as Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and Merkin Hall, with an extraordinary variety of styles and forms – from classical to rock to jazz and improvised music.

Le Studio Anthost

Le Studio Anthost

Le Studio Anthost transforms fabric into precious material imbued with mystery and magic, material that invites touch, imparts elegance and inspires fantasy.

Elizabeth Polish Design

Elizabeth began her career in New York after attending the Art Students League, Pratt Institute, for an M.S. in Interior Design and the Domus Academy in Milan.

Built under the art direction of Urshula Barbour, and Paul Carlos for Pure+Applied:

In Pursuit of Freedom

In Pursuit of Freedom

In Pursuit of Freedom explores Brooklyn’s anti-slavery movement from the end of the American Revolution to the early days of Reconstruction through photographs, census records, anti-slavery and local newspapers, maps and more.



Nosanchuk, founded by David Nosanchuk is a design firm based in New York City.



A multidisciplinary design studio.
Coprincipals Urshula Barbour, and Paul Carlos

The Nature of Cities


The Nature of Cities is a virtual magazine on cities as ecosystems. It is a global collective of contributors, an essay and discussion site devoted to cities as social-ecological spaces, as ecosystems of people, buildings, open spaces, and nature. City design with nature at the center is key to urban resilience, sustainability, and livability.




About Jupago

Juan Pablo Gómez

Multidisciplinary designer located in New York City.

v 20.1.4 What's new in this version:

Best Features:

Excellent and constantly improving HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and Javascript skills.
Close ties to the Adobe CC family: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign,
Dreamweaver, and Flash (AS2.0 and 3.0)
...and the not-so-royal Microsoft family: Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
Great knowledge of the always evolving, frustratingly lovable
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools: Analytics, Webmaster,
Places, Adwords, Adsense and CMS Expertise
(Wordpress and Prestashop among my favorites.)

New Features:

Strong knowledge of cloud software and the Google Drive family.
Social Media tools
(Tip: If you haven't applied for a google+ account verification you should!)

Major Upgrades:

The City College of New York. 2007. — BA Electronic Design and Multimedia.
2005, 2006, 2007 Dean´s List.
2002 CCNY´s Honors Engineering Leadership Program.
2005 CCNY´s “The Ben Wallack Memorial Award for Men of the Class of 1913”.

Optional Features:

Fluent in Spanish. (Sí, español!)

Soccer Player:
Proud member of the CCNY Hall of Fame.
2006 South Africa Goodwill Tournament.
2005 CUNY Player of the Year, ECAC Merit Award. All-Region Adidas Award.
2003, 2004 First team All-Star.

Minor fixes from previous version

In the latest version of jupago, the designer introduces a new Nespresso machine that fixes a bug that had him purchasing three cups of Starbucks a day.
Aslo removed obvious, repetitive clichés like: Creative, Competitive, Reliable, Self-motivated, along with the Opan Gangnam style dance.


There are many things that inspire me...

My parents, Betbet, A subway ride, Peruvian ceviche, a good book, Zizou,
Moonlight Sonata, Pure+Applied, a latte from La Colombe, Central Park...
So here's a small (evolving) list of things that inspired this site:

My web support bible: stack overflow
My favorite coding editor Codepen
Jupago Home Page Logolog in pure CSS3!Demo and Source here
Jupago Home Page Logo interactive dots: Demo here | Github here.
Contact Page slider: Demo here | Download here.
Pattern backgrounds: Subtle Patterns,
Menu CSS3 Icons (yup! no images, pure code!): <>ne div.
The best social network out there: Google+
Awesome tutorials: Codrops
One of the best we degin resource news-mag out there: Collective Magazine